A Foggy Rainy Summer in Baguio

Baguio City has been known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines dating back to 1909 during the height of the American occupation. It was declared as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” by the American government as a retreat place by the Governor-General and other high ranking officials of the country during the summer to escape the Manila Heat.

Although in the recent years, tourists would flock the beaches of Boracay, Palawan, Mindoro and Batangas.

Meanwhile, a good number of Filipinos and Foreigners still prefer a cool climate which sets apart Baguio City from the rest.

For most parts of the Philippines the occurrence of seeing a fog from happening is closed to none or at rare case. In particular places in the country Fog could translate to an accumulated amount of smoke from cars and factories. The sad thing is fog becomes smog which is a mixture of smoke and fog.


Due to the effects of global warming spending a weekend or the rest of your vacation days in Baguio City would probably not be under the sun.

It would probably be:

  1. Sipping a hot brewed Benguet Coffee on the stretch of Cafes spread throughout the City.
  2. Drinking “tapey” or rice wine while listening to Country Sounds.
  3. Walking under an umbrella while cruising through Camp John Hay or Session Road.
  4. Drinking 4×4 or 2×2 with the locals (Either with no chaser or just water. WHAT!!!!)
  5. Tasting fresh vegetables from the restaurants where locals frequent.

My personal favorite would be just sitting on the veranda overlooking the mountains and the Pine Trees (while there are still a good number of it).

Enjoy your Foggy Rainy Summer! Cheers!

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