Mission Vision and Objectives

  • To discover new places and activities rarely experienced by locals and tourists in the city of Pines.
  • To share the unique culture and experience the city has to offer for the world and to take part in through the youth.
  • To inspire the youth in helping resolve the country’s relevant and present issues through the use of art and their individual talents and skills.
  • To be the leading Baguio news website presenting latest news, catchy features, and remarkable stories written by the youth.
  • To be able to create a complete online directory of local businesses and establishments.
  • To be able to create an institute that would primarily cater the Baguio youth by teaching various art forms, basic coding and graphic design.
  • To be able to fund activities organized by recognized community youth organizations for their various projects and needs.
  • To reach out to the growing number of underprivileged and out-of-school youth by using art as a bridge to provide alternative lifestyle choices.