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Mount Costa


During 1978, Col. Voltaire Acosta and wife Cleotilde Acosta bought eight hectares of land in La Trinidad, Benguet. Their family were one of the pioneers in making strawberry wine and preserves for the city. But, unfortunately during the early 90’s a plant virus plagued which caused the market of strawberry products to crash. It was during this time that the family stopped to grow strawberries.

Full of optimism Voltaire and Cleotilde hoped that their children would use the land to make a contribution in the development of the country and the Cordilleras. But, most importantly a way to make an impact among themselves.

During a small family gathering sometime in the year 2015. Generations of the Acosta Family arrived at the decision to develop the land to a unique tourist destination that will become a game-changer in the Eco-tourism scene of the Cordilleras.

From a land previously filled with strawberries will rise Mount Costa. The first unique stroll around garden of the north.

Mount Costa Baguio


Mount Costa is the newest growing attraction in North Luzon. It is primarily located on the secluded cozy mountains of Lamtang, La Trinidad, Benguet which is a few minutes ride from Baguio City.

Visitors who want to experience the Old Baguio feel will be entertained at the sight of 24 uniquely themed gardens with 5,500 meters of walking trails and almost a hundred variety of flowers. Mount Costa also offers a tranquility that you wouldn’t easily find anywhere in the Cordilleras.

Food kiosks, resting stations, and comfort rooms are easily accessible and spread throughout the vicinity.

Visitors are highly encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and a lightweight coat or jacket, with nonslip walking shoes or sandals. Parents with children are encouraged to bring insect repelling lotions or sprays to prevent insect bites and irritation.


1-Day Admission All-access to all gardens


₱350.00 / 7 USD

(with valid ID)

₱250.00 / 5 USD

Senior Citizens
(with valid ID)

₱250.00 / 5 USD

Persons With Disabilities

₱250.00 / 5 USD

Children Below 3 years old


Green Living
Room Rental


Ideal for groups who plan
to spend their whole day in the garden,
accomodates 6-8 guests comfortably
on rattan weaved furnitures,glass table,
and grass carpet



Maximum of 6, additional heads at P350.
Overtime charge of P1000.00/hour.
Tent for makeup/changing will be provided.

at Formal Garden


Maximum of 150 guests
Maximum of 5 hours usage
10% non-refundable deposit required
P10000 Bond for damages
No Park Closure
Guests over 150 pax will be charged P350/head


1. Price are subject to change
2. Other promos may be created based on Marketing Campaigns.

Mount Costa Map

mout costa map

Mount Costa Gardens

The Gardens are a mix of Natural and Constructed elements in which visitors can choose between two paths the Yellow Trail and Blue Trail.

Yellow Trail

1. Inca Garden

A garden inspired by the South American culture. The Incan cross serves as the amphitheater and the Lake Titicana serves as the pond where life emerged here on earth according to the Inca legend.
Mount Costa Baguio
Mount Costa Baguio Mount Costa Baguio

2. The Bud Garden

The design is a color journey playing with organic lines and contrasting textures. Swirling pathways converge onto the center of the space. Planted flowers emphasize the shape of each curved bed. A sleek pathway slices into the heart of the space, taking you over the flowers and right into the garden’s center.

3. Concentric Garden

A strong garden motive that stands out comfortably in its surroundings. The progression of the winding path has a natural feel. Controlled yet apparently random, the curves are never uncomfortable.

Mount Costa La Trinidad
Mount Costa La Trinidad
Mount Costa Baguio
Mount Costa Baguio
Mount Costa Baguio

4. Enchanted Garden

Ever thought of what surprises the forest may bring? Make your way to the Enchanted Garden where a touch of magic awaits you.

Mount Costa Baguio

5. The Grid Garden

The Grid Garden design displays continuity, baroque geometry and simplicity. Flowers fill the squares and soften the hard edges of the built elements.
grid garden
Mount Costa Baguio

6. Maze Design Garden

Lose yourself in the Maze and be immersed in a journey of texture, color, and fragrance as you traverse this garden.
Mount Costa La Trinidad
Mount Costa La Trinidad
Mount Costa Baguio

7. Formal Garden

An expression of classical gardens of Renaissance Europe echoing symmetry in a modern way. Foliage plants and flowers are put into beds and rows, with mirror image planting.

Mount Costa Baguio
Mount Costa Baguio

Blue Trail

mirror garden mt costa

  1. Outdoor Musical Garden
  2. Koru Garden
  3. Land Art
  4. The Mirror Garden
  5. Twig Art
  6. The Zen Garden
  7. Spectrum Garden
  8. Mini Bowl
  9. Celestial Garden
  10. Children’s Garden Space


Note: Our team opted not to include detailed pictures and description of the gardens under the Blue Trail. This is to encourage to take your own photos and experience what Mount Costa fully offers.


(Taken from their official website

For the enjoyment and safety of all visitors to Mount Costa, and the protection and conservation of our greenery, please read the following guidelines:
• Please stay on paths and be respectful of our plants; do not step on flower beds. Picking up of flowers, rocks, and other specimens are prohibited. All of these are here for everyone to enjoy.
• The garden area is vast. We’ve made sure most paths are gradual and easy to walk. Assist young children, the elderly, and PWDs as you explore the grounds. Pathways for wheelchairs are not available at the moment.
• Food is not allowed on the premises; our food kiosks will be pleased to serve you.
• Please dispose of trash properly. Trash bins are located all throughout the park.
• If you must “go”, please use our Comfort Rooms.
• Smoking or Vaping is not permitted anywhere in the gardens. A designated area is indicated for this.
• Visitors must conduct themselves in a respectful manner; disruptive behavior, obscenities or activities unsuitable to the gardens are not permitted.
• Special permission is required for commercial photography, painting, filming, and recording anywhere in Mount Costa.


Via Naguilian Road:
Go passed Puregold Irisan and travel 6km along Naguilian and make a right at Pico-Lamtang Road

From Tam Awan Village/Long Long Road:
Follow Long Long Road for 2.7 km then make a left at Pico-Lamtang Road and travel 2 km. Mount Costa should appear on your right.

From Baguio City to Mount Costa via Jeep:

Go to Shagem St. (across Rose Garden, Burnham Park) and ride a ‘Long trip’ jeep that will take you all the way to Lamtang. Get off at Lamtang Irisan Cockpit.

From La Trinidad:
Take a jeep to Puguis Junction. Then take another jeep going to Lamtang. Mount Costa should be on the right side of the road

MOBILE APP: Waze or Google Maps

Contact Information:
Phone number: +639177028292
Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Operating Days: OPEN DAILY