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Mornings in Baguio: The Burnham Fitness Experience

At the very heart of Baguio City stands the vibrant and wide Burnham Park. Named after the city’s American architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham, it is a testament to Baguio’s American occupation during the early 20th century. Today, it is a place well-known and much appreciated by locals and tourists alike.

The 32.84 hectare park showcases a man-made lake, skating rink, football field, children’s playground, biking lane, and an orchidarium. Aside from these, the park also offers well-maintained grass grounds, lush gardens, and park walkways lined with towering pine trees. Numerous benches and tables are spread all over the park to provide comfort for tired visitors and serve as picnic areas for get-togethers.

Unfamiliar to most tourists, Burnham Park can actually give a whole fitness workout package without a hefty price. Frequent gym goers might want to consider paying the park a visit and actually save a couple of pesos from their usual gym memberships.

Here are some activities to appease that fitness junkie in you.

Brisk Walking

Burnham Park is perfect for people who want to take a simple tireless walk. Take your time to gaze at the blossoming diverse flora and the marvelous towering trees. It’s a fitting place to have a chat with friends and family while enjoying the city’s cool climate

Jogging and Running

As early as five o’clock in the morning, you can find a lot of people starting to take the early morning chill to their advantage. Burnham Park is the ideal place for marathon runners and frequent joggers because of its safety and security. You can run and jog without worries of being ran over by a vehicle.

Group Exercises

The park also has exercise groups that offer various workout styles you can chose from. These groups start at five thirty in the morning with their own hand-carried speakers. If you want to join the zumba group, proceed to the lane in front of the Rose Garden. For Tai Chi, go to the fountain area of the Rose Garden. For the Taebo group, head to the bike lane. Make sure to bring a towel and plenty of water because you are guaranteed to sweat a lot.


Want those toned arms and pecs, try visiting the Burnham Lake for a boating session. Rowing the boat across the lake does not only provide a full upper body workout but also gives a relaxing and peaceful feeling as you paddle through the calm water.


Don’t skip leg day! Be sure to visit the bike lane to rent a bike of your pick. Choose your kind of bike and sail through the lane alone or have a friendly race with your family and friends.


At the south of the Burnham Lake is where the skating rink is located. For just a hundred pesos, you can rent rollerblades and blaze through the provided circular track. First timers may have a hard time balancing and even fall flat on their bums but as they say, “no pain, no gain.”


Just a few meters from the skating rink, you will see the children’s playground. Although the playground chiefly serves as a playplace for children, it also serves as the training area for the Bardilleranz, a fitness and performing group that specializes on calisthenics and acrobatics. You’ll end up gasping for air with their breathtaking exhibitions which literally break the limitations of the human body. You can ask them to teach a few tricks, from handstand to more advanced bar tricks. Who knows, you might discover a new talent.

Football and Soccer

Aside as a usual venue for concerts and conventions, the Melvin Jones grandstand is also the choice site by football and soccer enthusiasts. Its wide grass ground is the perfect place to do those slides and dives without getting too many scratches.

Now you see you don’t need a gym membership to keep a healthy and fit body. Just a quick visit to Burnham Park is enough.