My Jack Daniel’s Re-experience

December 7, 2019

JD holiday barrel

A week ago, our team was invited for the launch of the first holiday barrel tree north of Manila. To be honest, we are not fans of alcohol and parties as we were kinda conservative and a bit old school. The only time that I get to drink is when there is a get together between elementary and highschool friends which happens once or twice a year.

Traffic in Baguio is a nightmare during the weekends to which I ended up walking from Session Road to Camp John Hay for about 30 minutes. While walking, I did wonder why would I go to an alcohol brand if i’m just an occasional drinker. Then I remembered drinking Jack Daniel’s for every major milestone event in our barkada. When someone got married, got hired abroad, got engaged, got promoted, and our yearly reunion. Jack Daniel’s was present at every celebration and unconsciously became our celebratory drink how about that!

Back to reality and a thousand steps of walking accomplished, got to see a cool looking van converted to a mobile bar then a unique christmas tree made up of oak barrels immediately getting your attention when passing by the Mile-Hi Center at the Camp John Hay. Signed in our names at the registration and proceeded to munch on a sumptuous buffet by Everything Nice which is a local restaurant with branches at the Ayala Technohub and SM City Baguio.

Van converted to a mobile bar

Minutes later, DJ Hilary of 96.7 K-lite called upon everyone for the ceremonial lighting of the unique holiday barrel tree of famous brand Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Upon the glow of the unique holiday barrel tree, the sky lit up slowly as it is filled with bright colors and loud explosions from a nearby fireworks display.

For some reason I suddenly missed my friends and looked forward to our yearly reunion this christmas. Got my usual Jack Daniel’s and Coca Cola combo and raised my glass to the air.

Cheers to a good year.

Cheers to more opportunities.

Cheers to more failures.

Cheers to friendship.

Cheers to success.

As I was slowly filling my mouth with the smooth taste of whiskey I came across a famous christmas quote engraved in wood near the base of the holiday barrell tree.

“It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s around it.”

Raised my glass again in the air and gave my Cheers to all the people around my life’s tree.

Kudos to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey for the reminder.