10 Must-try burgers When In Baguio

10 Must-try burgers When In Baguio

Baguio has been flourishing with a number of restaurants opening up one after the other. In our quest to provide a different experience for locals and tourists you might want to consider having a gastronomic tour tasting what we think are awesome burgers When in Baguio City.

In no particular order and price cost here is our list of the 10 must-try burgers if you have the chance to visit Baguio City or simply looking for a food exploration. You might agree or disagree but one thing is for sure this list is all yummy (for us of that is). Schedule your next food exploration whether on a tight budget or looking to spend more for a jaw breaking experience.


  1. Mac and Cheese Burger by Crossroad puzzle: Interactive Lounge

First time to tried mac and cheese inside a burger. Surprisingly, loving it and wanting for more. Loving also the board games and young energy of the staff and the crowd. Definitely, not my last mac and cheese.

crossroad Puzzle
Mac and Cheese Burger by Crossroad puzzle
  1. Trial by Combat Burger by Zax’s Home of Chicken and Waffles

1.5 KiloGrams Total Net Weight
11-12 inches Average Size
8 quarter pounder patties of 100% Beef
8 Layers of Cheese
8 Layers of Bacon
2 Custom Buns
Tomato, Lettuce and Secret Sauce
300g of Fries

Stress eating never felt so good after finishing this, although we recommend to do it with a friend or barkada.

Zax burger
Trial by Combat Burger by Zax’s Home of Chicken and Waffles
  1. Generals Burger by Baguio Country Club

A burger bigger than the head of the the Queen Pia Wurtzbach served with a tray of sides of fries and onion rings. I would gladly challenge my friends to try to finish it alone but they might end up not eating for weeks. Taste is a given and trusting the high standard of BCC.


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  1. Pizza Burger by BrrGrr Bistro

Massive burger topped with pizza at the top with your choice of Garlic and Cheese, Hawaiian, or Bacon and Sausage. Highly recommending the garlic and cheese if you’re not a fan of pineapples just like me. A hungry stomach can finish it alone. P.S. I weigh a hundred kilos.

  1. The Killer Burger by Blaqk Street Bistro

10 inches burger with Cumbrian Beef served with trademark Black buns. Be sure to have someone with you when you try this Huger Killer.

  1. Bez Treat Overload Burger by Two Guys Burger House

If you are looking for that instagram worthy massive tasty burger we just found it for you. Vibrant bun colors served with loads of beef, cheese and greens.

  1. The Works Burger by Cookout Baguio

If you are that person who wants that in your face boom! Ingredient explosion of mushroom, cheese, 1/3 lb beef, onions and bacon served in a brioce bun.

  1. ChiliCheese Burger by Buddy Boy Burgers

I always loved this place at Gate 4 of Saint Louis University. Student friendly food with a restaurant quality.

  1. Veggie Burger by Level One Vegetarian

Never have I crossed my mind to try a burger that is vegetarian. Burger should have meet for crying out loud. But, there is a growing population of vegetarian tourists, locals, and these case vegetarian owners. I could not fully describe the taste but tasty and yummy nonetheless.

  1. House Burger by Red Rustikz

Classic burger with italian and spanish flare. Simple, familiar, comfortable and yummy.