Who you should vote and not vote?

The Barangay is the smallest administrative unit of the Philippines. It’s officials are the most accesible, direct and easiest manifestation of our government. The people that comprises the administration of our Barangay is probably a walk or a few minutes away from where we live. Their actions will more less make an impact or for a majority of us none at all.

So, on a nutshell Vote for Barangay Officials that will provide the opportunity to make an impact for the betterment of the people as simple as that.

But we have a long list of Officials that common sense will dictate you not to vote.

1. DO NOT VOTE for re-electionist that did not make a positive impact on his/her recent term. To those that will argue with second chances people come on five years is too long to not make an impact for such a small community.

2. DO NOT VOTE for “TAMBAYS.” We are not into the discriminatory and deragotory type but would you want a “Tambay” to lead the smallest administrative unit of the Philippine Government?

3. DO NOT VOTE based on the phrase “Mabait naman yan” , “Mayaman na yan di na siguro mangungurakot.” Being a good person doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good leader or being rich to less of a corrupt official.

4. DO NOT VOTE for candidates using campaign jingles with roving vehicles with loudspeakers to the tune of “Despacito”, “Hayaan mo sila” or those so-called popular songs of this era. We belive that voters now are more intelligent to be swayed by cheap marketing tactics.

5. DO NOT VOTE for candidates that go into vote buying. Seriously, you would let a person rule over you for P500 for 5 years? Not that the money is too low, but are you seriously a person to be bought over by a mere amount?

6. DO NOT VOTE for SK Candidates that are struggling in school. Due to the simple fact that these will be an issue in the future when it’s time to work. The National Youth Commission extended the age of candidates to 30 years old due to the many cases in the past of SK Officials not knowing the phrase do not put into your mouths what you can’t chew.

7. DO NOT VOTE for candidates that cant’ follow simple rules like NO POSTING ON TREES, NO POSTING ON THE BARANGAY HALL, or NO SMOKING in PUBLIC. No need to discuss this right?

8. DO NOT VOTE for candidates or re-electionist that will favor PARKING ON THE STREETS. Let’s face the fact that most barangays do not have pedestrian lanes on the streets nor the convenience of wide roads or bicycle lanes. Why in the hell would they allow such cars to park on the roads? Why choose a small number of people towards the majority?

P.S. To those that will argue that there is lack of parking spaces then why buy a car if you can’t afford a parking space?

9. DO NOT VOTE for candidates that has NO plans to solve the garbage and degrading environment of Baguio. Self-explanatory people if not look around you.

10. Lastly, DO NOT VOTE for someone with no love or concern for the trees of Baguio. Again, Self-explanatory people if not look around you.

At the end of the day everything is your choice might as well make the right choice.

Written by: Mart Louis C. Fernando
Co-Founder / Creative Director When In Baguio