When In Baguio? When In Manila?

I have observed some differences on how things are being called in Manila and in Baguio.
I have spent the last 10 years in Manila and here are the differences.

In Baguio, we say auntie not tita. We say uncle not tito. We don’t greet magandang umaga, we greet good morning.

In Manila, they have Macapagal Blvd, Roxas Blvd. In Baguio, we have Leonard Wood Rd., Harrison Rd., Session Rd.

They have Daang Hari, we have, Governor Pack Rd. We have Minesview, they have Fairview.
Their bus/ jeep sign boards says Ilalim/Ibabaw, ours has Upper/Lower.

They post, “Bumibili ng ginto”, we have “we buy gold”. They have place called Greenhills and Greenbelt, we have Green Valley and Green Water.

Langhap Sarap is their hit, Good taste is our hit. You don’t hear pritong manok, you hear fried chicken.

Manila Roads have C1, C2, C3,C4,C5. Baguio road have Camp 1, Camp 2, Camp 3, Camp 4, Camp 5, Camp 6, Camp 7, Camp 8.

They call it paru-paru, we call it butterfly. They call it tulay, we call it overpass.

We don’t pray Ama Namin or Aba Ginoong Maria, we pray Our Father or Hail Mary.

They call it quatro kantos, we call it por by por. They call it tindahan, we call it store.

We say satellite, they say talipapa. They call it bukid, we call it farm or garden.

They call it pabango, we call it perfume. They call it maong, we call it Levi’s.

They call it munisipyo, we call it city hall. They have Magic 89.9, we have Magic 99.9

My manila address is Pulanglupa Las Pinas, my Baguio address is Crystal Cave.
There’s more, but no more time
Am I born in Baguio or am I born in the US? (Uneg ti Sayote – in tagalog, ilalim ng sayote)

Article written by: Joey Moyaen

Joey is a graduate from the University of the Cordilleras with a degree in Marketing. He took his MBA at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. A former part-time professor in Letran Calamba (SBMA and Grad School). Currently Managing a team for Trade Finance at ING and doing part time on events management and speaking engagements in different universities and colleges


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