Baguio Boy – John Raspado

Baguio Boy – John Fernandez Raspado wins Mr. Gay World 2017

On June 2008 Eric Butter and Dean Nelson embarked on a mission to create a global competition that would inspire and empower gay men to come together in a public performance that would show the world that being gay encompasses a broad spectrum. The mission to demonstrate that both inward beauty and physical appearance are equally important as is leadership and confidence. It was our hope that by bringing these men together they would share their experience to open both each others’ as well as the public’s eyes that in many regions on our planet being gay is a challenge and a fight for basic human right.

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The pageant has traveled across the globe in the recent years and during its 9th season our Baguio native John Raspado not only became the first Filipino but also the first Asian to win Mr. Gay World Universe.

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The 36 year old Baguio native is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Marketing at Saint Louis University back in 2002. John was also the grand winner of Showtime’s “I’m Pogay” in 2014 and Mr. Gay World Philippines in 2016.

 Complete Result:

Mr Gay World 2017                                           Philippines

1st Runner Up                                                       Spain

2nd Runner Up                                                     Belgium

3rd Runner Up                                                       Switzerland

4th Runner Up                                                       South Africa

John Raspado advocates the rights of the gay community and the ongoing fight for HIV-AIDS as the Mr. Gay World Organization advocates.

The win of John Raspado symbolizes the growing awareness and perception towards the LGBTQI community. This win is not just for Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Igorots, and the LGBTQI Community. This is a win for the entire Philippines.

Agyaman ka pay John Fernandez Raspado!

Additional Notes:

Mr. Gay World Philippines


To modernize the image towards gay men and eradicate the stereotypes from public perception. This will bridge the gap within the people of the LGBTQI community


To continue the efforts for HIV/AIDS Early Detection Program and erase the stigma of testing and the disease. In the future, by this pageant, will use its influence to the immediate advancement of HIV/AIDS treatment and research, and use its winners to be the voice of any medical breakthrough.


Office of External Relations, Media Communications and Alumni Affairs Office Saint Louis University