10 Street Games we no longer see in Baguio

10 Street Games we no longer see in Baguio

The Digital world and its advancements has changed the world throughout the years more than people could have imagined. Culture, tradition, values, and the way of life went to so much change over the decade.

One of the great changes that happened was on how kids play. While writing this story my awesome childhood had a quick flashback transporting me to my childhood days. I couldn’t count the number of buttons detached from my uniform, the countless times my mother scold me for coming home so dirty, or just the usual scars (Naikadlis gamin) from playing every recess, lunch break, dismissal and my favorite during the weekends.

Here are the top ten childhood games I played in the streets and parks of Baguio City when there was NO android phone, mobile apps, games, and computer games.

 1.) Sipa



Sipa involves an object usually made of a washer attached with colorful pieces of strawrope or the famous “goma” (collected rubber bands formed to make a ball). Every kid who owned, bought, or created their own might have experienced having their “goma” captured by their teachers atleast onced in their life.


  1. Washington aka Agawan Base

This game has literally destroyed a lot of kids uniforms plus a good amount of scars (Nu naikadlis ka). This game might have probably been banned in some private schools (mine included).

Kids might not get how running around is fun but playing washington is super fun! (Rugged ak isu nga angsangit dyay classmates ko nu agayayayam da kami hahaha)


  1. Langit Lupa

This game gave me quite the mystery growing up. How would every kid in the country know the song right???

 Langit Lupa Impyerno

Im-Im Impyerno

Saksak lupa halo ang dugo

Patay. Buhay. Alis ka na diyan sa iyong pwesto.


Probably one of the most known game in the Philippines. I remembered my classmates in Boys High talking about a competition between LES and Center every recess (Segway).



  1. Tumbang Preso

This game made the slipper brand “Rambo” so popular.



  1. Taguan sometimes BangSak (Taguan Variation)

Again with the mystery of how did every kid in the country know this freaking song!???


Tagu-Taguan maliwanag ang buwan.
Wala sa likod. Wala sa harap.
Pagkabilang ko ng Sampu nakatao na kayo.
(Walang madaya aaah walang nasa likod at harap! Ukinayo! (Sorry for the language but it really happens)

Ready or not here I come!


  1. ) 10 20

Probably one of the most famous games being played by females especially during elementary.



  1. Luksong Baka

A game that sent the nose of my classmate bleeding when his face landed on the floor. (Not being bad or morbid but it was really funny remembering it)



  1. Luksong Tinik

Same with luksong baka but with the use of hands. Mostly for girls lol.

  1. Patintero

My least favourite of the list but still worth sharing.


  1. Touch the Body

SUPER DUPER FUN GAME. Made even more fun using goma when you and your friends are sadists a tennis ball wrapped in plastic and paper is an alternative. Hurts like hell when you’re hit in the head. The entire playground usually laughs when this happens. LOL




For the kids reading this you have to ask your titos, titas, or your moms or dads on how to play this game. It is more awesome than staring at a screen believe my generation.

For all the adults that played this before come on we have to share the culture and the fun to this techie generation. It might came to a point wherein it hurt a lot playing it mentally and physically but come on it was soooo much fun playing until your parents call you home. (Magawid kan anak!)

Share the love, culture and memories everyone.

Dedicated to our classmates and friends from: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Montessori, Twinkle Star School, SLU-LES, Baguio Central School and SLU Boys High.